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Altech launches a Rebate Finder & Payback Calculator!

February 21, 2019

          Altech is excited to finally launch two simple, yet highly sophisticated tools on our website — a Rebate Finder showing real time rebates and a Payback Calculator that produces detailed reports on your upcoming projects involving Altech luminaires!

          The Rebate Finder helps streamline your process in applying for rebates by organizing and presenting the relevant information on one page! Not only does it save you a lot of time navigating complicated utility programs to see if the products are eligible, it also provides you instant access to these information 24/7 — including a direct link to the rebate application! This database consists of 3000+ utility programs across North America, which is constantly updated in real time. Presenting rebates in proposals helps improve the return on investment and long term energy savings. CLICK HERE to check out this awesome new tool!

          Altech’s new Payback Calculator takes your success rate in winning business even further by producing valuable descriptive reports of a retrofit project, complete with environmental benefits! Specifically, the pre and post energy usage in both kWh and dollars, kWh savings, cost difference with and without a rebate, and return on investment are calculated and neatly presented in charts and exciting visuals! CLICK HERE to access this one-of-a-kind calculator.

          With two fantastic tools at your fingertips, Altech is making it clear that we are a company who cares and values your efforts and needs as a customer immensely. CALL US today to learn more about our best services!


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