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Rebate Finder

Rebate estimates and utility program information are constantly updated in real time here, giving you access to the latest data from 3,000+ programs in North America, 24/7! This is an extremely fast one-stop-shop tool to both apply for rebates as well as find current rebates for all Altech products that pertain to your projects.

For any questions, please CALL US at (800) 640-0386. Check out the related Payback Calculator too!

How to Use:

  • Enter the zip code of your project installation location and select the product category of the fixture you are installing or planning on installing
  • Choose the utility provider for your rebate from the dropdown menu and modify the existing wattage and annual hours (under Existing) for more accurate results via the Options bar on the left
  • Locate the Altech product you are installing or planning on installing for your project via the Product Search
  • Click on “Utility Program” to the right of the specified Altech product to directly access any further details on the rebate, as well as the application page
  • The DLC screenshot of the product can easily be downloaded by clicking on the DLC icon, facilitating the application process
  • For additional information, click the cut sheet icon to directly download our spec sheet of the product

*All product eligibility and rebates should be verified by the utility company. Altech Electronics does not provide a guarantee for rebate estimates or rebate programs.