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Payback Calculator

This calculator gives a complete payback analysis report, which includes energy savings, utility rebates, ROI and the breakeven period.

    • Fill out all the relevant information about your project below, both existing and proposed Altech fixture quantity and type
    • The hours of operation has been defaulted to 4,000 hours. Nonetheless, override that field if you have an accurate hours of use (burn time)
    • To enter a full project scope with multiple lines of fixtures, click the green “+” on the top right of the calculator. The arrows allow you to toggle between product lines
    • Enter the zip code where the project will be installed and the utility company you will be applying for the rebate through. This will help improve accuracy of the energy savings calculation as the report will factor in the utility’s average commercial & industrial electricity rate (this $/kWh field can also be overridden)
    • Download the full report at the bottom to include even more in your proposals! Specifically, pre and post energy usage in both kWh and dollars, kWh savings, cost difference with and without a rebate —accompanied by charts comparing both, PLUS the environmental impact!

For any questions, please CALL US at (800) 640-0386.

*All product eligibility and rebates should be verified by the utility company. Altech Electronics does not provide a guarantee for rebate estimates or rebate programs.