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Healthcare facilities are energy intensive buildings as they are open 24/7, and thus, they invest heavily in energy efficient lights to drive down their annual utility bills. Proper hospital lighting is vital in creating the appropriate medical environment for the doctors and nurses on site, and enhancing the patient experience.

Proper lighting is essential to keeping hospital workers alert for any situation that may arise, while at the same time keeping patients’ well-being. With the many delicate equipments, vast corridors, and groups of people to maneuver around, the performance of the hospital light fixtures have to be of the highest quality. For the many employees that work late into the night saving lives, our LED lights assists in balancing their inner clock to keep their mind focused at all times. Light color and light intensity can be also modified to influence the mood and rehabilitation of the patient, and strengthen the biological rhythm and performance capability of the workers.

The cost-savings the hospital light fixtures can bring to a healthcare facility is enormous. Altech’s light fixtures yield a return on investment of just 24-48 months! These savings can be re-invested towards better equipment, medical facilities, and staff, which ultimately improves the patient experience.