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At Altech Electronics, we are happy to provide free photometric studies for our customers that provide the following:


  • CAD File in either a .dwg or .dxf format. OR
  • *Drawing with room dimension and fixture layout (with dimensions between fixtures)
  • *Ceiling Height
  • *Fixture Mounting Height
  • Application
  • Existing Fixture Wattages / Desired Light Levels
  • Replacement Fixture – Type, Wattage, Lumen Package


  • CAD File in either a .dwg or .dxf format. OR
  • *Site Address
  • *Provide a layout sketch of the area with the dimensions and distance applied in the sketch along with the project location address, so that we can estimate the distance using Google Earth
    • Fixture Configuration – number of heads per pole and their arrangement
  • Existing Fixture Type(s)
  • Application
  • *Existing Fixture Wattages / Desired Light Levels
  • *Mounting Heights
  • *Location of Fixtures
  • Building Height
  • The Altech fixture(s) you plan on using for the project (Type, Wattage, Lumen Package)