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LED Low Bay Canopies

LED Low Bay Canopies

Altech’s LED Mammoth Series Canopy luminaires provide outstanding light coverage for every commercial and industrial environment possible. With thousands already installed around the globe in applications as diverse as education, medical, hospitality, industrial, storage, airport and military, the Altech Mammoth Series Canopy provides more light per dollar the any canopy fixture ever built.

Altech’s Canopy is manufactured with a low-profile, vandal proof, heavy-gauge, aluminum housing with built-in heat-sink cooling fins. It features heat and impact resistant tempered polycarbonate lens with anti glare diffuser, as well as a corrosion-resistant an electro-coat dark gray finish. Along with various mounting options available, it is perfectly suitable for every exterior and interior environment, such as indoor parking facilities and outdoor hallways. “Tough and durable” are the words used most when describing the Altech LED Mammoth Series Canopy.

LED Low Bay Canopy, U-LPCN Spec Sheet