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LED Linear High Bay

LED Linear High Bay

Altech Electronics’ much anticipated LED Linear High Bay is here! The fixture is housed in a durable state of the art aluminum housing and frosted polycarbonate lens, which allows for soft, even illumination and minimal glare. Available in two different sizes, 2’ and 4’, the Linear High Bay is ideal for high ceilings in storage facilities, where hanging the fixture parallel to the rack aisles provides a more efficient light distribution and aesthetic layout. Furthermore, with a variety of beam angle options available, the fixture is perfectly suited for broader light optic requirements as well, such as open areas in commercial buildings and warehouses. The included chain mounting accessory enables seamless installation, whether it be looped around a structural beam, or anchored on a ceiling.

Controls and integration options provide occupancy detection, customization, dimming, and energy savings and management capabilities. In addition, switching to our energy-efficient LED fixtures will further drive savings through reduced maintenance costs and operational delays, caused by short lifespans and extended warm ups experienced with traditional lighting. For that reason, Altech’s LED Linear High Bay boasts an L70 Lifespan of 150,000 hours, and premium efficacy of 150 lm/W, thereby eliminating any safety concerns attributed to poor lighting. By greatly enhancing visibility of critical areas in applications such as production lines, inventory storage, and retail centers, the practicality and affordability of Altech’s high-functioning LED Linear High Bay makes it the single most reliable solution for the long run!

SPEC SHEET: LED Linear High Bay