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New Year, New Altech!

January 25, 2021

To our partners:

With the challenging year behind us, it has provided us at Altech Electronics with a 2020 vision into our business strategy for 2021. As a result of the past tumultuous year, Altech Electronics recognized our responsibility in improving our partner’s experience, with an enhanced go-to-market strategy that would better accommodate their needs. Thus, we have addressed the following:

• Despite the rising cost of logistics, raw materials, and impending depreciation of the US dollar, we have remained firm and do not plan on increasing our fixture prices in the near future.

Freight Allowance
• We are introducing a free freight allowance of $2,000 in the continental U.S.

Payment Terms
• Altech Electronics is now offering 60 Day Dating, subject to credit pre-approval.

Product Innovation
• Altech’s LED Decade Series Wall Pack (U-IWP) now features DLC 5.1 classification, 130 lm/W efficacy, anti-UV polycarbonate lens, and optional photocell add-on.
• Altech’s LED UFO High Bay’s (U-UHBHO/U-UHB) standard lumen efficacy has been upgraded from 130 lm/W to 165 lm/W, at no additional cost.
• The following fixtures’ standard lumen efficacy will be upgraded at no additional cost as well:
               • LED Industrial Flood Light (U-IFL) — 135 lm/W
               • LED Vapor Tight (U-VT4)  — 140 lm/W
               • LED Street Light (U-ISL) — 150 lm/W
• In addition, we are excited to announce the upcoming development and introduction of Altech’s 150 lm/W LED Linear High Bay — stay tuned for more information!

• We have always and will continue our Wrap-Around Replacement Program (at W.A.R.P. speed), in which no registration or pre-approval of the product is required. For our full warranty policy, Click Here

Altech Electronics sincerely appreciates your continued loyalty. We stand firm on our commitment to servicing our customer’s needs, and wish everyone a prosperous and safe year ahead!


Hector A. Gannon, CLMC
Chief Operating Officer