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Altech Prices Remained UNCHANGED Amidst New Tariffs

August 24, 2018

          With the latest rounds of tariffs kicking in yesterday, the prices on Chinese goods have continued to soar. This includes raw materials, such as aluminum, and electronic components found in LED Luminaires. HOWEVER, Altech’s PRICES and PRODUCTS will not be affected by this outcome. While other US Suppliers are increasing their prices to coincide with the rising cost of raw materials, Altech’s prices remain unchanged due to the fact we manufacture our own products, which are imported as finished goods straight from our factory. As a result, we control our own supply chain; thereby ensuring the highest quality to Altech’s LED Lighting Fixtures at optimal cost. Our mission has always been to provide the best energy efficient lighting solution at value pricing. CALL US today at (800) 640-0386 to learn more about how Altech Electronics is the supplier you need to be the most competitive lighting distributor in today’s market!

Altech Official Tariff Statement