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Altech LED Lights are now DLC Premium!

September 11, 2018

Altech Electronics has taken a step further in securing our reputation as one of the best LED Manufacturers in the world. Our 10 Year Wrap-Around Warranty LED UFO Waterproof High Bays, Architectural and Hyper Series Area Lights, and Architectural Series Floodlights are now DLC PREMIUM! 

Altech’s outstanding pioneering efforts have yielded lumen efficacy unmatched in the industry today. Although the Premium designation calls for a minimum range of 110-120 Lm/W for outdoor lighting and 90-130 Lm/W for indoor lighting, all of Altech’s DLC Premium fixtures are producing 165 Lm/W! With the substantial increase in wattage reduction as a result of our superior product efficiency, you can capitalize on better rebate rates for your projects around the country! In addition, Altech’s energy efficient fixtures are compatible with various integral controls, which translates to smarter lighting and even more energy savings.

The longevity of Altech’s products are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern LED Lighting Solutions as well. DLC Premium fixtures are required to have an L70 of at least 50,000 hours. Altech fixtures are rated twice that amount at 150,000 Hours! That means it would take Altech lights an impressive 150,000 hours before the total light output depreciates to 70%. In addition, our products’ 67,000 hours L90 projection significantly exceeds the L90 DLC Premium requirement of 36,000 hours. Thus, compared to our competitors’ DLC Premium and Standard luminaires, Altech fixtures’ light output will last nearly twice as long before depreciating by just 10%!

To learn more about the countless benefits our DLC Premium lights have to offer and why it is the perfect solution to your lighting and energy-saving needs, CALL US TODAY.