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LED Shoeboxes

LED Shoeboxes

The amazing versatility, outstanding performance and modern sleek profile of the Altech Architectural Series Shoebox makes it the singular choice for parking lots, car dealerships, shopping malls, downtown areas, health care facilities, college campuses and business complexes. Engineered with a variety of wattages, lumen outputs, mounting options and lens type distributions, the limitless combinations provide for onsite flexibility unmatched by any other shoebox in the LED marketplace.

A work of pure aesthetic beauty to both see and touch, the low-profile, formed aluminum housing provides the LED Shoebox a distinctive, breathtaking look as well as boasting the lowest ROI of any premium series shoebox manufactured today. Matched with the only 10 Year Warp-Around Warranty on the market, quite simply, Altech LED Shoebox are the optimum choice for almost any medium or large area lighting project.