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Offices & Businesses

Offices & Businesses

Offices are where a majority of the population spend their days at, and it is crucial to provide a proper mood and ambiance year round. Proper office lighting can dramatically improve the working environment and day to day operations of your business.

Most offices and businesses have drop ceilings, where our Troffers can be quickly and easily installed. Topped with an LM70 of 100,000 hours and color rendering index (CRI) of 83+, they are the ideal general purpose ambient lighting solution. The soft natural glow LED Troffers emit from a drop ceiling enhances the visual appeal of the office space, increasing productivity and yielding higher quality work from your employees.

Ensuring the safety and security of employees outside the office is just as crucial as inside. Whether that be around the perimeter of the building, in the parking garage or structure, or on the outdoor parking lot, Altech’s Wall Packs, Floodlights, Canopies, and Area Lights can illuminate every corner of your business complex.

The flexibility of LED lights suits the millions of small and large businesses in America who have different tastes and ideas towards a productive work environment. The savings and low maintenance required for LED office lighting means employers can invest their time and money into other ways of creating their dream work space.